An evil dictator has taken over most of the multiverse, and has transported selected individuals to an immense spacecraft. They are under strict rule, and only the Resistance can save them.
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 Can I reroll something not so squishy?

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PostSubject: Can I reroll something not so squishy?   Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:49 am

"Uuuugh, my poor, beautifully combed and shampooed head..."

A body stirred, and a robed figure slowly and groggily managed to sit halfway up. The mysterious figure was a man; in his twenties, perhaps, and he had long, blond hair that shimmered with a most pampered sheen. His eyes were entirely swallowed in green and they had a unique glow about them as he rove them around curiously, his nearly foot-long eyebrows twitching and arching in confusion upon soaking in his surroundings.

"Where... Where am I?" He asked, his voice full of pride yet lacking in complete confidence.

With his ornate staff in hand, the hardly-intimidating man rose to his feet and did his best to pat out the wrinkles ruining his layered robes. "Ugh, and to think I had ironed this wretched dress but yesterday! Note to self; design a spell that magically commands the iron to perform the chore for me."

That lovely thought aside for later, the man flipped his head once, letting his hair catch air time in slow motion, and he worked out all the kinks and balls in his body. Hmph, felt like a tauren had just come over and did a whirlwind with some crude, blood-soaked battle axe. That would utterly have ruined his mood to be sure!

Upon finishing his cat-like stretching, the nameless individual glanced around his current whereabouts and rested a firm fist upon a hip.

"Hmph! What sort of trickery is this!?" He nearly cried out in disgust, sniffing.

All around him were walls of a most foreign metal; had to be of Draenei origins. Those little blue-skinned demons were just fond of the stuff. Gnomes were much too... clunky and tacky with their designs. Same went to the goblins. The architecture of this realm was much too smooth and streamlined. Certainly had Draenei qualities. It did lack the glowing purple energy piping, but perhaps they had hired a new interior decorator. Azeroth knew they needed a pilot...

"Well, Draenei or not, I'm going to get out of here, avoid the enemy rogues and death knights--or just anything stronger than me, for that matter--and be off. I need to harvest more herbs so I can finish my soon-to-be famous shampoo line. Ahhh, I can just smell the sweet thistle and purple lotus now..."

Taking his first few, tentative steps he arrived upon a rather stubborn door; the man upturning his lip slightly at the horrid sight of it.

"What? They expect this to stop one such as myself? Have they no clue as to who they are dealing with? Well! Time for a lesson: you can never keep a warlock caged for long!"

A foot back and hands up, the man began to charge the energies within him; magic circles crackling behind his hidden feet and around his gloved fingers. With a flick and a snap, fire snaked across the floor like a serpent at alarming speeds and the fiery wave slammed into the door with a hearty boom. And what good were spells without dramatic noises that he provided generously for himself? He even added exaggerated hand movements, parodying an orc warrior hopped up on Direbrew's, well, brew.



"Cracklediiiiiing!" Insert flowerly aspect of the dragonhawk--oh wait, that was for huntards.

It didn't take long for the barrier to melt into a disgusting goop, and the man flicked his hair behind his shoulders triumphantly, clearly impressed at his own handy work as well as his scary sound effects.

"Ah! There we have it!" He smiled, thumping his staff once and continuing, being careful to hop over the molten slag. Another hallway? And more alien devilry? These Draenei were persistent! Looking both left and right, the man decided to go left, his long ears twitching. "I say... this place is quite remarkable. I wonder if the inhabitants would like to buy some shampoo... They'll never refuse a bottle from I, Primrose Popinjay, soon-to-be famous entrepreneur of fine hair products!"

And at this... Primrose Popinjay was set forth onto this marvelous, new world to explore.

And who knew? He just may get an achievement out of this.
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PostSubject: Re: Can I reroll something not so squishy?   Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:14 am

Great details, awesome post. I say this warrants a Yes on the accepted list
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Can I reroll something not so squishy?
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