An evil dictator has taken over most of the multiverse, and has transported selected individuals to an immense spacecraft. They are under strict rule, and only the Resistance can save them.
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 Waiting (tag: Ahsoka)

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Shane Corentin

Shane Corentin

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PostSubject: Waiting (tag: Ahsoka)   Fri Jan 07, 2011 2:29 pm

Shane let out a tired sigh as he slid down the wall of the common area until he was in a squatting position. His legs had finally started to cramp and fall asleep after three hours of standing in the same place. And he hadn't seen or heard anyone or anything except the constant humming of the Nexus' engine.

The ship had been more or less dead for sometime now, and it was almost making Shane worry. Especially since he had finished his self-guided tour of the floating prison and was now right back where he had started the trip several days ago...staring at space through the protective force field that enclosed the area. He had been waiting for days for anyone to show their face but had had no such luck. Not even SIC had been around. As far as he could tell anyway.

Another frustrated burst of air left his body as he continued to stare at the world that was seperated from him by the thickness of the force field. He was willing to talk to almost anyone at this point, and of course he had his prefrences. Some people just weren't worth it. If Warp or Buzz, or...Ahsoka showed up... Ahsoka...that name sounds soo weird. And he liked it.
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Waiting (tag: Ahsoka)
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