An evil dictator has taken over most of the multiverse, and has transported selected individuals to an immense spacecraft. They are under strict rule, and only the Resistance can save them.
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 Character Tropes

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PostSubject: Character Tropes   Character Tropes EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 1:11 pm

There's a site that called Tvtropes that is positively addicting and interesting. But most interesting are the different character tropes that they have. So! Here's the link to the site: HERE. Its click able, just click the large red HERE, search for tropes that match your character, and list them here! WARNING: Tvtropes can be very time consuming. Trope at your own risk.


* Ambiguous Gender - Sic could be a man. Or a woman. Its been generally assumed that Sic's a male.
* Ambiguously Human
* Axe Crazy
* Bad Boss - Sic will kill anything around when they're angry or bored.
* Black Cloak - Wears one.
* Blood Knight
* Childhood Friends - With the Dictator, they grew up on the same Planet and met in school.
* The Dragon
* Everyone Calls him Barkeep - Known stictly as Second-In-Command, or SIC.
* Evil Albino - Red eyes, white hair, white skin, goes without saying. Although their eyes glow as well, which seems to hint that Sic is not entirely human.
* Fangs are Evil - Had this in mind. Its why Sic sharpened their own teeth to look like fangs. They like intimidation.
* Freudian Excuse - Sic has a complicated past. Doesn't excuse their actions though.
* Hair Trigger Temper
* Hyperspace Arsenal - In their CLOAK.
* In The Hood - Very few people have seen Sic's face.
* Its All About Me - Very self centered. Even becomes friendy with people just for being SIMILAR to themself.
* Its Personal - With Freddy Krueger it is anyway.
* Lack of Empathy - Definitely, although Sic feels SOME kind of empathy towards Dictator, and animals. But anyone else, Sic couldn't give a shit.
* Pet the Dog - Sic loves animals, and will NOT tolerate animal abuse.
* Red eyes Take Warning / Glowing Eyes of Doom - Goes without saying.
* Take over the Multiverse - Sic and Dic's basic plan.
* Sociopath - Matches every thing on the list on that page, except Cruelty to animals.
* Undying Loyalty - To the Dictator. Sic will NEVER betray him. NEVER.
* What Do They Fear Episode - Freddy's experiences with Sic can count as this. While in the CB, Freddy tormented Sic with the one thing they fear: Being fired and killed by the Dictator. Hence why its Personal.
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Character Tropes
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