An evil dictator has taken over most of the multiverse, and has transported selected individuals to an immense spacecraft. They are under strict rule, and only the Resistance can save them.
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 Child of Dusk

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Rhys Valentine

Rhys Valentine

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PostSubject: Child of Dusk   Child of Dusk EmptySat Jul 09, 2011 10:03 am

You will never truely understand the night and the day will never welcome you, young man. You should never have been possible to conceived, let alone born.

Heavy words didn't weigh down what Rhys thought of himself or of the people around him; it did weigh on his mind, repeating itself at annoying times, becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy. He stood on the ceiling, unaffected by gravity and enjoying it. He allowed a controlled fall to a couch below, twisting in mid-flight to lay on the well-worn leather. He grinned as familiar footfalls stopped by him. He lithely swung to sitting position and stood, granting a small bow. "Ary, sir." He greeted cheekily.

A memory of a bitter laugh came unbidden then that wordless wail-had it been wordless? He'd always been unable to recall. Just like he'd forgotten what had happened the night his father died. Or what he'd done when he'd realized that his mother wasn't coming back. So many things. "It has been a while since you have fed, Rhys. Why haven't you been home these past few weeks?"

"Restlessness; I'll come home." A different sort of homesickness had struck him, not for the Chantry or Hellsing Castle but for the forest and the old cabin of his earliest memories. He still followed Arius back without hesitation.

You will never understand the night.

He studied but could not focus; the boundless hunger of the darker side of his nature had been making demands of him steadily and the buzzing of that particular kind of starvation became a dull roar. He found himself seeking out his master soon enough, seeing nothing else in his maddened pursuit. The master wore no look of surprise, only slight disdain; Aruis Lamont's blood filled his mouth and Rhys drank deeply. He needed to fulfil the addiction he'd innocently inflicted on himself years ago. Words rang out and his memory dimmed.

He awoke on the floor of his room, alone and both pain and pleasure warred in his coming-to. He sighed and wondered what he had done this time under the thirst's spell. Home-the call kept repeating, driving him to pack and prepare. He did not yet leave, he felt things he had to do beforehand, putting aside the tugging feeling.

Friends-like Jana distracted him from his troubled thoughts. Where had the lines in her face come from? Other words whispered. The Doom of Men-you embraced the beast you were born with. Barring accident, murder or suicide, you will never age, you will never sicken, you will never change and you will never die. He knew that Lillith would never allow Jana to become a vampire; she never followed rules or listened to what she didn't want to do. She would die someday, die and never come back. He couldn't understand why she'd chosen to let herself age. Hadn't she been the girl who didn't want to grow up at sixteen? Nobody could tell him that he'd understand when he'd grow up, he'd grown up as much as he could and he still couldn't.

The day will never welcome you...

Dusk's child. Dhampir. Abomination. He poked at food he ate and tea he drank for pleasure and because he could. "You look down. I know the perfect thing to blow up." Jana smirked.

"Just thinking of the old cabin a lot." He mused.

She made a face at him. "Rhys, they're never coming back. X said that they aren't here." She looked peeved now; his parents had been her friends. While everyone knew when and how his father died, his mother had simply vanished without a trace. "Your dad never showed up in the Pool of Souls. Who knows where Anna is."

His father had died after Rhys had unintentionally drained him to the point of death. His mother hadn't realized that her husband had been more than tired when she'd taken Rhys out to play. He'd been cold and still when they'd returned, the cabin too silent. Bloody tears like a parody christening, he remembered that. "I know that." He sighed. "I just feel like there's something I need to see."

"You want company? Me and-" Jana began.

"No, I'll go alone. I'll be fine, I've been hunting the forest as long as I can remember." Rhys grinned widely, showing off his fangs.

A backpack was ready in no time. Dried food, a mini-cooler with blood packs of both human blood and Arius's curious blood; a few clothes and a replicator he'd 'paid' Emperor Zurg for-precious if something should happen. He wouldn't die without it but he'd be comatose enough to drain his closest friends. He was on his way, trying to remember the man who'd been his father and the mother he could only remember through pictures. 'A piece of work' was the most polite phrase Hellboy had for him. Then again, the demon had called Rhys 'charming as a snake'. Of course Hellboy took issue when Rhys and Eona had taken notice of one another.
He grew excited when he saw the will o'the wisps that haunted the blight. They joined and led him off. They would never lead him to the cabin-none had been able to find it for fifteen years. "Come-find-see-woman-" Voices blended together.

They of course had a price for leading him that was not to his death and divebombed him. He didn't scream as they drained off his lifeforce. He fell to his knees, exhausted, looking up at the strange portal. He pulled himself to his feet, dizzy. He had to find her; the swirl of matter in the portal seemed so slow and hypnotic-was this what others had seen? He wondered as he forced himself towards the rip in time-space. He didn't quite have the strength. He fell forward as he lost consciousness-forward into a new world and sleep's oblivion.
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PostSubject: Re: Child of Dusk   Child of Dusk EmptySat Jul 09, 2011 10:13 am

Impressive! Very impressive! And accepted xD
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Child of Dusk
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